Educational Support Opportunities

Educational Support Opportunities

Physicians, researchers, scientists and other healthcare professionals are increasingly challenged to maintain their knowledge, skills and abilities within their respective professions. Medical education therefore plays an important role in the quality of healthcare delivered across the globe. By providing an educational grant in support of The Heart & Brain Symposium, you are making a vital contribution to these efforts.

All grants are managed in compliance with relevant accreditation and industry compliance criteria.


​Independent educational grants, dedicated to the educational mission of 
The Heart & Brain Symposium, are appreciated and important to the event's success. 

Support will be acknowledged in the CME/CPD Accreditation page of the program, on the event website and application and with signage during the event.


​Support will be recognised with signage at the entrance to the Poster area with ˝Supported by...˝ and a company logo only.

Support will be acknowledged in a designated section of the Program, in The Heart & Brain Symposium app, on the onsite acknowledgement board and on the symposium website.


​The ability to attend all events, or even all session at a given event, is impossible for the busy medical professional. Webcasting provides a means of sharing knowledge and learning opportunities beyond the dates of the actual event and thus serves a vital educational need. Materials are saved locally, but at the same time, can be distributed over the web to viewers around the world via a robust cloud server. Viewers can access the broadcasts using PCs, tablets, or smartphones live (as streamed video) or later, as on-demand webcasts.

There are two types of webcasting options:*

  • Video: includes a video screen of the speaker during the session, PowerPoint slides (in sync with the speaker), and audio.
  • Digital Imaging: includes PowerPoint slides with audio.

Support will be recognized on the webcast library/listing page as: ˝Supported by...˝and the Company Name only (no logo).
Support will be acknowledged in the CME/CPD Accreditation page of the program, the event website, application and with signage during the event.

*Webcasted sessions will be designated by the Event Planning Group. Supporters will have no influence on content.


​A hybrid event is a solution that combines a 'live' in-person event with a 'virtual' online audience. A Hybrid is a media presentation, distributed over the Internet, using streaming media technology to distribute a single content source to many simultaneous listeners/viewers. 
Hybrid events provide the opportunity to reach a larger audience and provide added exposure and engagement to your live and your online audience.   

  • Increase exposure to those who could not participate in the symposium;
  • Increased participant interaction;
  • Impact member/customer/partner retention;
  • Extended symposium content life span;
  • Build content of next event, based on results/conclusions of previous events;
  • Reach out to significantly larger target audience;
  • Generate revenues;
  • Support will be recognized on a separate printed sign/rollup located beside the Hybrid Event screen  with ˝Supported by... ˝ and a company logo only, which can be on the "Intro" screen.
Support will be acknowledged in the Industry Support and Exhibition section of the program guide, on the event website and application, and with signage during the event.


The Heart & Brain Symposium App engages attendees with personalized planning tools and real-time event updates. The App transforms smartphones, tablets and laptops into a tool for active event participation, making it easy for participants to access event information they need and to connect with speakers and colleagues. 

The App includes the scientific program, abstracts, speaker info, participant lists, rating/voting system for sessions/speakers and a personalized scheduler and is easily downloadable from the App Store and Google Play.

Symposium App support includes:
  • Supporter acknowledgement on the splash/pop-up screen of the app: "Supported by: company name (product and company logo not permitted);
  • Signage onsite with App QR code and "Supported by: company name/logo" (product logo not permitted);
  • Priority listing in the list of symposium exhibitors;
  • Support  will  be  acknowledged  in  the CME/CPD Accreditation page of the program, on the event website, application and with signage during the event.


Tailored packages can be arranged to suit your objectives. Please do not hesitate to contact the Support and Exhibition Department to discuss your needs:

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